Violin Services & Pricing


Violin Rentals                                $29/month

Viola Rentals                                   $34/month

Damage Deposit (fully refundable)     $65


Rentals are our specialty! Renting is always a great option when first learning an instrument. For an affordable monthly fee, I will keep the instrument in great repair and you or your child can spend the time learning how to create beautiful music without the long term commitment of purchasing. If you decide you would like to purchase, 100% percent of your first year's rental payments can go towards the purchase of the instrument of your choosing.


Think of this as the final step in ensuring that the instrument you purchase is ready to play. When instruments are manufactured, many of the parts such as the pegs, soundpost, and bridge are not properly fitted. I will assess the needs of your instrument at no cost and explain what service is required to get the most out of your instrument.


If you would like a more detailed account of what goes into instrument set-ups, take a look at this resource:

Repairs & Restorations

We also specialize in violin repair services. Instrument in disrepair? From touch-ups to complete restorations, I have the expertise to bring your instrument back to its pristine condition. I offer free assessments and quotes for Violins, Violas, and Cellos. 

Bow Rehairing & Repairs

Routine maintenance of your bow is crucial to getting the best sound out of your instrument. Worn out hair stretches and breaks and also stops engaging the string. Hair that has stretched too long may also cause damage to the frog, screw, or bow stick. A new rehair or thumb leather will keep you on top of your game. If your bow needs a more advanced repair, I am happy to refer you to a trusted technician or even arrange the services for you. Click HERE for a list of common bow repair prices.


From beginning outfits, to step-up instruments, to advanced instruments, I have something to fit your needs and budget; all with professional quality setups at fair prices. Our inventory is growing and always changing. Contact me for current inventory and and I will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

New Instrument Making

Making new instruments is often considered the ultimate woodworking challenge and gives me the opportunity to understand every facet of it and how to best set up your instrument. New instruments are available by commission.

maple violin back final arching
violin maple back final arching
varnishing new maple violin back
varnishing spruce violin top
violin top Final Arching Thicknesses
violin plates 1st rough arching
violin F-holes being carved
maple violin back Final Arching
violin back C bout purfling bending
luthier cutting f-holes
new violin peg box and scroll
new violin back
new violin pegbox and scroll
new violin front
new violin f-hole & bridge
preparing to close new violin box
close up violin bridge
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varnishing new maple violin back