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Violin Repairs

Ship Violin for Repairs

I am the owner of two antique instruments that have been refurbished by Mike, and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Mike is an artist with a passion for violins that becomes abundantly clear in the product of his work. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Paul John M. ~ Lakewood, WA

Instrument in disrepair? We also specialize in violin repair services. From touch-ups to complete restorations, I have the expertise to bring your instrument back to its pristine condition. I offer free assessments and quotes for Violins and Violas. Whether your live in the Puget Sound Region or across the country, we can bring your beloved instrument back to life. Yes, you may ship us your instrument for repairs as well! Please call to make arrangements and watch this video to help you better package your instrument for shipping.

Bow Rehairing & Repairs

Routine maintenance of your bow is crucial to getting the best sound out of your instrument. Worn out hair stretches and breaks and also stops engaging the string. Hair that has stretched too long may also cause damage to the frog, screw, or bow stick. A new rehair, or thumb leather will keep you on top of your game. If your bow needs a more advanced repair, I am happy to refer you to a trusted technician or even arrange the services for you.


Violin Bow Rehair              $75

Viola Bow Rehair               $80

Cello Bow Rehair               $85

Bass Bow Rehair                $95

New Thumb Leather          $50

New Winding(includes leather) $110+

New Tip plate                  $110+



Other affordable services are priced upon review of the instrument.


Think of this as the final step in ensuring that the instrument you purchase is ready to play. When instruments are manufactured, many of the parts such as the pegs, soundpost, and bridge are not properly fitted. I will assess the needs of your instrument at no cost and explain what service is required to get the most out of your instrument.


If you would like a more detailed account of what goes into instrument set-ups, take a look at this resource:

Bow rehairing supplies
patches, cleats and new bass bar
sound post patch being glued in
fitting sound post patch in "Freeda"
New Bass Bar for cello
Gluing in New Bass Bar for cello
Finger Patches in cello .Worm damage
shortening cello ribs
New block and silk in cello
Bow Repairs

"I would like to make a comment or two regarding my good fortune in locating "Burns Violins" in N. Tacoma, WA. Over the past several months I have had numerous repairs/adjustments on my violins at this shop.  I could not be more pleased.  Mike's work is impeccable, professionally executed, and timely.   He has done a range of repairs from routine adjustments to major internal restoration such as sound post patches.  Additionally, Mike is a great individual to do business with, genuinely caring about getting your needs/repairs resolved. I would highly recommend anyone located in the South Puget Sound area, or elsewhere for that matter, needing repair on any violin family instrument  consider "Burns Violins" and take the opportunity to meet Mike. I feel confident you will be pleased you did so."  JimK

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