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Violin Rentals

"After I switched my rental contract from a competitor to Burns Violins, I instantly saw improvement in my daughter's playing. She glows and is motivated and excited now."

April R. Tacoma, WA

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Cute kid playing tiny violin on knee
Violin and viola rentals fit to your needs at affordable prices.

Violin Rentals                                $29/month

Viola Rentals                                   $34/month

Damage Deposit (fully refundable)     $65

All maintenance is included

We maintain your rental: open glue seams, adjustments, minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches, and one free bow rehair a year is provided by Burns Violins at no additional charge. More information is included in the rental agreement or by calling Burns Violins.

Option to purchase

If you decide you would like to purchase an instrument over the course of your rental, 100% of your first year rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of a new instrument. You are not required to purchase the instrument you have rented, but can choose any instrument in my inventory to apply the credit.

Violin F-hole and Bridge
The best sound — a personalized setup

A properly set up instrument will provide the best sound it is capable of playing. I will fit the instrument to your or your child’s needs. All of our rental instruments come with professional quality setups.

Frequently Asked Rental Questions and Answers You Should Know Before You Rent a Violin

Can I use an older instrument given to us by family?

Typically these instruments are not the right size and may need considerable repair if it has not been used recently. I would be happy to assess the condition and suitability of your instrument.


What about purchasing cheaper instruments on eBay or Amazon?

Poorly setup instruments are a considerable barrier to your ability to progress in your studies. Instruments that cost less generally cost less for a reason. They tend to not be made with the same level of craftsmanship and are not ready to withstand the rigors of playing regularly. If cost is a barrier in terms of purchasing an instrument, renting is always a good option to ensure you get a high quality instrument at a price you can afford.

Should I have my instrument before we meet the teacher?

This depends on the child’s age and skill, and would be better answered by the teacher. While many would expect for you to already have an instrument, for many young beginners an instrument is not usually required for the first several sessions.


What should I look for in a quality instrument?

All of the parts of your instrument from the pegs to the tail piece should be of good quality. I highly recommend having an expert such as a skilled player, a teacher, or luthier help if you are inexperienced and trying to choose an instrument on your own.


How do I choose the right size instrument?

While measurement charts do exist and provide a guideline, it's best to use the expertise of a violin shop or teacher help to fit the player.


How young can a child start playing?

There is no optimum age, however maturity level, ability to focus, and interest of the child is paramount in assessing whether your child is ready for the responsibility of playing an instrument.


What is the difference between violin and fiddle?

In terms of the instrument, there is no difference between a violin and a fiddle. Mostly, this has to do with the style of music that is being played, though there are some small adjustments that can be made if desired.


How can I try some instruments?

Email, call or text us 253.625.6326 or If our normal operating hours are not convenient, I can usually find another time that will work!


Do you offer rent to own purchases?

No. However, you will receive up to one year rent credit to be applied to the purchase of any instrument in our inventory equal to or above the cost of the instrument you are renting. Most players will not likely purchase until they have reached an adult size instrument. At that time, I would like them to have the option to purchase any instrument from my inventory and not be locked into the instrument they have been renting. 


Do you offer a trade in policy?  

I offer 75% - 100% trade in value for any instrument purchased at Burns Violins. Purchase of higher quality cases or bows in good condition are considered on an individual basis.


Is maintenance included in rental cost?

Yes. A rental instrument from Burns Violins includes a maintenance plan to repair minor nicks and scratches, open glue seams, and a free bow rehairing once a year.

What else do I need to purchase with my rental?

Rosin for the bow is required. Most students will also need a shoulder rest. Other helpful accessories include electronic tuners and a soft cloth for cleaning.

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